About Vikas Vidyalaya

Vikas Education Society’s Vikas Vidyalaya ( विकास विद्यालय अऱ्हेर नवरगाव ) was founded by Mr. Govindrao Sadashiv Thengare on July 7, 1959.

Mr. Govindrao Thengare is one of the adherents of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles. To spread education in his own area and to serve his own people he started Vikas Vidyalaya. Graduated in English literature, he served for school till his retirement.

“Vikas Vidyalaya is continuing it’s contribution to educate children from Arher Navargaon and it’s surrounding villages from last 55 years.”

Vikas Vidyalaya now has classes from 5th standard to 12th standard.
Recently Vikas Education Society started “Pre-School” as “GT Sanskar Ashram”. More..


3 Responses to About Vikas Vidyalaya

  1. lalbahadur says:

    Please send fee structure.

  2. परश्या बावणे says:

    तुमच्या शाळेच्या शैक्षणिक सहल दि. 27/12/2016
    भद्रावती ते शेगांव पर्यंतचा सोबतिचा खूप सुखद होता….

  3. manasi nannavare says:

    mla pn to pravas khup chhan vatala..
    “i agree with you prashant”
    full enjoy kel train madhe…
    khup chhan pravas hota…..

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